Identify : Exploration

NAMIMCO provides mining consulting for early stage mineral resource exploration at new greenfield sites, open cut and underground, mine expansion, and reopening of brownfield mines. Our dedicated mining geologists, environmental scientists, metallurgists, and engineers offer a range of services to support prospecting and mine exploration in identifying the mineral and ore resources and reserves. We provide socio-economic support for acquiring new properties to ensure compliance with Equator Principles, relevant in-country and international standards, and industry best practice.

Due Dilligence

NAMIMCO scientists, geologists, metallurgists, and mining engineers support acquisition due diligence to ascertain the status of operations, environmental protection measures, discharge of toxic or hazardous materials or wastes, and implementation of required best management practices for pollution prevention. Our due diligence reporting prior to finance closure can include the following:

* Resource and reserve evaluation
*  Evaluation of mine plans and mining methods and operations
*  Process evaluation, maintenance assessment, and equipment condition assessments
*  Project categorization in accordance with Equator Principles
*  Socio-environmental characterization of site before project development
*  List of permits required including local, state, regional, aboriginal, and national
* List of potential socio-environmental impacts, including proposed mitigating measures
*  Impact of global warming with significant emission of greenhouse gases
*  Efficiency of energy use and opportunities for technology improvements
*  Evaluation of closure and reclamation plan
*  Review of all public consultations and stakeholder engagements
*  Summary of community concerns
*  Risk assessment
*  Monitoring programs
*  Best practices compliance gap analysis